About JKA Associates LLC

JKA Associates LLC understands that businesses need a competent and reliable financial advocate. We provide comprehensive accounting and tax services for businesses throughout the Atlanta area, but our real strength lies in our ability to stand with you as you grow your business. JKA Associates LLC can be a trusted partner providing the help you need to make the difficult financial decisions necessary for your success.

We would be happy to discuss how we can work together. JKA Associates LLC offers a FREE initial consultation for Atlanta business owners. Call Jayda Abernathy, (404) 480-8190, to set up an appointment today!

Jayda Abernathy Jayda Abernathy

For over 20 years I have served entrepreneurs, corporations, and non-profit organizations with a distinct level of knowledge, expertise, and integrity in the areas of accounting, business advisory, tax, and financial-related planning and consulting services. Ideally, my clients establish businesses as a result of a dream or idea and my role is to assist them in transforming their Vision from concept to an established entity that is profitable and financial healthy.

I began working as an Accounting Assistant shortly after graduating from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. I left that position to work an internship with a non-profit organization. Over the course of six years, I became the CFO of that organization. I gained invaluable experience of working with Board of Directors, Donors, Volunteers, and Staff. The position helped me understand the importance of accurate financial reporting to ensure the financial stability of the organization. I was able to create additional streams of income, increase revenues, reduce debt/long-term liabilities, and build strong relationships with our banks, donors, investors, and community-at-large.

I began JKA Associates LLC in 2005 with the Vision of assisting clients achieve their goals through accurate financial reporting and financial management. Since then, I have helped numerous clients change their financial condition from poor to healthy. I have worked extensively with business owners, controllers, Presidents, and Executive Directors to help strengthen weak areas, increase profit margins, cash flow management, and financial reporting. I have assisted them clients with establishing and strengthening their relationships with banks, lenders, investors, and customers. Many clients have come to us in critical situations. Our firm has a proven track record of changing their financial condition from critical and on the brink of closing to profitable and growing. Our reputation is built upon our dedication and commitment to our clients to help them grow and expand their businesses in the area of financial reporting and business advisory services.

Allow me the pleasure to work with your business to “Make The Financial Difference.”

Education: University of Arkansas Pine Bluff, Business Administration, and EMORY Candler School of Theology, M.Div.